Craig Lawless

Craig Lawless - Director, Bioinformatics

Currently serving as our Director of Bioinformatics, Craig brings a wealth of experience in programming, statistical analysis and big data. Craig’s bioinformatics journey spans over decades, most notably at the University of Manchester, where he held various roles including Bioinformatics Senior Experimental Officer at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Matrix Research and spearheaded the […]

Blandine Rougemont

Blandine Rougemont - Associate Director, Bioanalysis

Blandine is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in protein analysis and quantification via mass spectrometry. She has worked across diverse industries including diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. Before joining Inoviv as associate director of Analysis, she held technical expert roles in various companies such as BioMerieux, Sanofi Pasteur, UCB Pharma, and Syngenta. […]

Martin Bachman

Martin Bachman - Director, Bioanalysis

Martin is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in bioanalysis and mass spectrometry. Currently serving as the Director of Bioanalysis at Inoviv, Martin brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. Prior to joining Inoviv, Martin served as Lead Scientist at Medicines Discovery Catapult, where he established a high-throughput mass spectrometry laboratory and […]

Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson - Director, Discovery & Technology

Andrew is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in scientific innovation and business leadership. Prior to joining Inoviv as the Director of Discovery & Technology, Andrew served as Head of Chemical Proteomics at Proteome Sciences, where he led groundbreaking initiatives in the development of the “TMT-pro-16-plex”, a significant advancement in mass spectrometry-based proteomics. His […]

Jacob Harris

Jacob Harris - Global Director, Business Development

Jacob leads the Global Business Development Team at Inoviv, bringing 5+ years of invaluable experience to the table. His tenure at Inoviv has been marked by pioneering efforts in implementing the use of biomarkers in clinical trials across neurodegeneration, fibrosis, oncology and others. With a background in Biochemistry from Imperial College London coupled with experience […]

Lucy-Rose Walker

Lucy-Rose Walker - People Advisor

Lucy-Rose is a visionary leader and entrepreneur with a proven track record of fostering innovation and empowering entrepreneurs. Prior to joining Inoviv as our People Advisor, Lucy-Rose served as the Chief Entrepreneuring Officer (CEO) at Entrepreneurial Spark, where she started, grew, and sold the largest fully funded entrepreneuring accelerator in the UK. Over seven years, […]

Amundeep Dhanoa

Amundeep Dhanoa - Director, People & Operations

Amundeep Dhanoa is our Director of People & Operations, with 15+ years of experience in high-growth, mission driven, investor backed SMEs. With responsibility for Inoviv’s People, Finance and Operations functions she brings a focus on developing inclusive, high-performance cultures and designing scalable, tech-enabled processes which boost productivity and growth. She previously worked at The Key, […]

Ben Gonzales

Ben Gonzales - Senior VP, Commercial

Ben Gonzales, SVP Commercial at Inoviv, spearheads business development, marketing, and product strategy for the company’s fully validated, multiplexed, mass spectrometry-based proteomics assays. With over 20 years of leadership in biotech and pharma, Ben specializes in proteomics, having successfully developed and commercialized innovative technologies in diagnostics and R&D. Previously, he served as General Manager at […]

Ernestas Sirka

Ernestas Sirka - Chief Scientific Officer

Ernestas Sirka is a seasoned biochemistry expert with extensive experience in clinical test development, distinguished by roles at Pfizer and UCL. Notably, he has pioneered the development of four clinical tests that continue to underpin modern clinical practice, cementing his reputation as a trailblazer in medical diagnostics. Ernestas’ pursuit of utilizing novel scientific applications to […]

Michael Dove

Michael Dove - Chief Executive Officer

Michael is a dynamic leader with a strong track record of success in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. As Inoviv’s CEO, Michael drives the company’s strategic vision and growth. Prior to this, Michael played instrumental roles in securing multi-million dollar deals within the pharmaceutical sector. He has project-managed over $10 million worth of technology projects […]