Your in-house proteomics team

From discovery to pre-validated and custom multiplexed biomarker panels for proteins, PTMs, lipids, metabolites, and more.

Advancing Novel Medicine with


Accelerate drug discovery and development pipelines utilizing our CLIA, FDA inspected (US) and GCP/GLP (UK) certified labs.

Find and understand the biochemical interactions that matter.

De-risk clinical trials by enrolling the strongest patient responders to treatment.

Develop a pre-clinical biomarker strategy that can be translated into treatment monitoring and a CDx during clinical trials.

Our Technology

Reading Between the Peptide Lines

How mass spectrometry identifies and quantifies protein abundance

Biomarker Discovery Unbiased Proteomics Screen

Routine LC-MS Assays Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

IP-MS Assays Immunoprecipitation Mass Spectrometry

Our Panels

Pre-validated Panels

50+ biomarkers multiplexed in a single run, with no cross-reactivity

Fully quantitative

All targets fully calibrated and validated

Custom Panels

Custom assays to fit your unique biomarker needs

Rapid development

End-to-end service from biomarker selection to analysis and reporting

Discovery Proteomics

Data-independent acquisition (DIA) insights over thousands of samples

Matrix independent analysis designed for multiple sample types

Comprehensive & accessible results

Inoviv Redefines Precision

Our Process

The Pathway to Your Success

Proteomics in three easy steps, tailored to your needs


Select from our pre-validated panels or
work with our Proteomics Experts to create a custom panel.

Don’t know what needs to be monitored? Reach out to begin your discovery proteomics project


For custom panels, we design and validate the assay to meet your specifications including regulatory submissions.


Your samples are analyzed at our CLIA and GLP-accredited facilities in the US or UK.


Results are returned within 2 months for pre-validated panels, and 3 – 4 months for custom assays, in a detailed yet concise format that ties your data to the relevant biology.

We’re available to answer any questions and consult on next steps.

Our Labs


Our global network of high-throughput labs feature the most advanced mass spectrometry technology, enabling multiple samples to be analyzed daily

Our UK labs are GCP/GLP certified

Our US labs are CLIA certified and FDA inspected

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