A Disease-Agnostic Custom Discovery to Targeted Proteomics Solution for Drug Discovery & Development

Bridging the Translational Gap

Clinical Assays with High Precision & Accuracy

Researchers need to understand real-time biology and how different disease states and treatment conditions impact a patient’s proteome. Despite the profound impact of genomics and transcriptomics in revolutionizing healthcare and research, these technologies might not always provide robust predictions on which individuals will respond effectively to a given therapy.

InoKey™ solves this complex problem by providing researchers with a single solution to identify novel protein biomarkers and translating those findings into a functional assay with clinical utility. InoKey™ is an end-to-end discovery to targeted proteomics solution supporting researchers every step of the way – from experimental design to data acquisition, interpretation, reporting, and clinical utility.

Global, broad-scale proteomics analyses to identify and quantify novel biomarkers, therapeutic targets, regulatory mechanisms, and molecular pathways

  • Matrix-independent analysis of CSF, plasma, serum, tissue samples, and more across human and animal models
  • Quantify many proteins in a sample and identify the most robust markers for further development

Our in-house bioinformatics team supports you every step of the way, building bespoke workflows to simplify your complex omics data and guide your decisions. With expertise in the latest tools and data analysis methods and utilizing additional data sources to transform discovery proteomics findings into robust, targeted assays, we help you measure key proteins and streamline your drug development goals.

(In accordance with FDA guidelines for bioanalytical method development)

Quantitative and selective tracking of predefined protein targets within a complex biological sample in a hypothesis-driven approach

  • Develop your robust, custom, and multiplexed solution with our proteomics experts.
  • Gain absolute quantification up to ng/mL level with LC-MS/MS detection, including metrics on accuracy, precision, specificity, detection limit, and more 
  • A separate IP-MS option is also available for the absolute quantification of one or multiple protein biomarkers in the pg/mL range.

Bridging the Translational Gap

Right proteins. Right interactions. Right Data.

End-to-End Service

Bridging the Translational Gap

In three simple steps, measure proteins that pharmaceutical companies care about with the precision needed to enable decision-making and FDA submissions.


Speak with our proteomics experts to help us determine your study objectives and whether a pre-validated or custom solution is the next step.

Send Samples

After designing your solution with our proteomics experts, send your samples to our CLIA, FDA-inspected (US), or GCP/GLP-certified (UK) labs for the samples to be tested. 


After processing samples, our bioinformatics team analyzes data through proprietary analytical algorithms, workflows, and internal standard signals to provide the highest possible reproducibility and robustness following FDA bioanalytical guidelines.

Clinical Utility

Proceed to clinical trials or laboratory-developed tests (LDT). We offer extended validation to support regulatory submission for exploratory and secondary endpoints.

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