Precision in Every Protein

Multiplexed & quantitative LC-MS proteomics with end-to-end support for drug discovery & development

Accelerate development and reduce risk with rapid, robust biomarker analysis

Inoviv provides pre-validated, fully calibrated custom multiplexed LC-MS biomarker panels for an array of diseases

Are you ready to decipher your novel drug, protein by protein?

The Inoviv Edge

Maximise treatment efficacy and clinical outcomes through Inoviv’s proprietary mass spectrometry workflows

Absolute Quantification down to pg/ml for low abundance biomarkers

High reproducibility & accuracy across thousands of samples

End-to-end support from biomarker discovery and bioinformatics analysis and interpretation

Simultaneous analysis of multiple biologically relevant biomarkers

Why MS-based proteomics for targeted workflows?

Proteomics sees all.

Proteomics gives a crystal clear picture of disease biology & mechanism, because proteins are the ultimate effectors of a cell

An Elite Team of Proteomics Experts

Our dedicated team brings decades of collective experience and a meticulous devotion to scientific rigor

Making your mark

Where biomarkers meet real-world solutions