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We develop tailored biomarker tests to identify patients and demonstrate treatment efficacy for novel therapies.

Our tests support pharmaceutical companies in running successful clinical trials and in maximising access to marketed therapies.

Why Use Biomarkers?



92% of clinical trials fail to gain drug approval

This results in $25bn lost through failed clinical trials annually

Over 99% of neurodegeneration trials are unsuccessful

Enrol the right patients to increase clinical trial success rates 3X

Biomarker tests can optimise patient enrolment into a trial by identifying patients most likely to respond to a drug, dramatically improving chances of statistically significant outcomes



Oncology drugs are ineffective up to 75% of the time, resulting in 6 million deaths annually

This 75% represents over $100bn of drug sales

Uptake of targeted therapies in healthcare settings is restricted by the ability to identify patients reliably

Identify the right patients and improve market access

Biomarker tests can identify patients most likely to respond to targeted therapies, ensuring superior patient outcomes and improved market access



Suboptimal treatment monitoring

Clinical trials are plagued by lengthy endpoints to demonstrate treatment efficacy

Demonstrate treatment efficacy with biomarker endpoints

Biomarker tests measure treatment efficacy on an ongoing basis throughout a clinical trial, increasing efficiency and success rates

Patient Identification & Stratification

Identify & stratify patients to optimise patient enrolment onto clinical trials

Companion Diagnostics

Identify patients who will benefit from a therapeutic in healthcare settings with bespoke biomarker tests

Treatment Efficacy Monitoring

Generate robust data demonstrating treatment efficacy to support clinical trials

Why Choose Inoviv?

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

We use a proprietary technology developed in-house enabling us to measure 50+ fully calibrated molecules per biofluid sample.

This enables us to develop bespoke tests specific to disease subtypes; ideal to support targeted therapies.

Our platform enables us to develop biomarker tests with very high reproducibility and specificity.

Test Tubes

We operate from CLIA-certified laboratories in the US and GLP/ GCP labs in the UK.

Our team includes experts from the pharmaceutical industry, clinical practice and academia.

We will work with you to adapt biomarker tests to your needs, depending on the stage of development and the mechanism of action of your therapeutic.

Pipetting Samples

We can analyse 3000 biofluid/ tissue samples per day.

We use our technology platform in combination with mass spectrometry-based targeted proteomics.

Our platform enables high throughput testing of multiplexed protein, peptide, lipid, and metabolite biomarker panels.

Get in Touch

We’re happy to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about our business and how you can benefit from working with us.

Mappin House, 4 Winsley Street, London W1W 8HF, UK

100 Cambridge Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02114, USA

+44 117 318 3961

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