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Setting the Standard for Targeted Proteomics

Our mission is to generate novel molecular insights that transform drug development and healthcare globally.

We deliver highly accurate, fully quantitative and definitive targeted biomarker analysis to accelerate the development of life-changing treatments.

Why Use Biomarkers?

Biomarkers lie at the heart of the precision medicine revolution. They are an essential component of modern drug discovery and development, from demonstrating mechanism of action to identifying and stratifying patients, monitoring therapeutic response and efficacy, and informing decision-making during clinical trials.

Our off-the-shelf and custom multiplexed mass spectrometry biomarker panels support leading biopharma companies to de-risk drug development and run successful clinical trials. 

Some drugs are also now being approved by the FDA based on biomarkers alone, highlighting the need for definitive, fully quantitative biomarker data to support regulatory approval.

Most clinical trials fail due to lack of efficacy, costing time and money

Clinical trials that employ biomarker strategies for patient selection are 3x more likely to succeed

Up to 40% of novel drugs in the pharma pipeline are now developed together with a biomarker

Regulatory approval for novel therapies is 3x more likely to be granted with a biomarker-led strategy

Treatment Monitoring

Generate robust data demonstrating treatment efficacy to support clinical trials

Mechanistic Insights

Elucidate mechanism of action and demonstrate target engagement for novel therapies

Patient Stratification

Optimise patient selection for clinical trials to maximise outcomes

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Speak to our expert team to discover how we can help you solve your biomarker challenges and drive clinical success.

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100 Cambridge Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02114, USA

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