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Extracellular Matrix Congress 2024

Conference Details
Date: June 17-19, 2024
Meet with us at Booth #9
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

About the Conference

Dysregulation of the ECM, characterized by either elevated degradation or formation of tissues, is a universal characteristic observed in many chronic diseases. To make a real impact on the lives of patients, we need to learn from other diseases where fibrosis and tissue destruction are central mechanisms involved in the pathophysiology.

At ECM 2024, experts can discuss, share, and learn from other disease areas, which is essential for patients and future drug development. This will help increase our understanding of the ECM’s role across diseases and accelerate the development of drugs targeting the ECM.

Meet us at Booth #9 to discuss the following:

Our mission

To generate novel molecular insights that transform drug development and healthcare globally. We deliver multiplexed & quantitative LC-MS proteomics with end-to-end support.

Fibrosis is tricky to unravel

  • Fibrosis’ complex molecular mechanisms and tissue interactions pose a significant challenge to identifying therapeutic targets

  • Understanding the origins and dynamics of fibrosis reversibility may help discover anti-fibrotic targets and customize multi-drug regimens

Proteomics and their utility as robust molecular fingerprints

  • Researchers can efficiently identify dysregulated fibrosis markers, providing insights into disease mechanisms and treatment targets

  • Mass spectrometry can identify early-onset fibrosis markers, aiding disease staging and therapy monitoring non-invasively, and is well-positioned for exceptional specificity, sensitivity, and accuracy for tissues, blood, urine, and more 

Robust LC-MS solutions for anti-fibrotic therapeutic development

  • Inoviv’s end-to-end discovery to targeted proteomics helps drug developers understand novel dysregulated fibrosis markers, and translate those findings into a fully validated targeted assay for treatment monitoring and patient stratification

  • Our proprietary analytical algorithms, workflows, and internal standards provide the highest possible reproducibility and robustness across thousands of samples with a linear dynamic range over six orders of magnitude

Learn about Inoviv's unique LC-MS/MS multiplexed solutions for anti-fibrotic drug discovery & development at ECM 2024