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Discovery Europe 2024

Conference Details
Date: May 22 – 23, 2024
Meet us at Booth #29
Location: Basel, Switzerland

About the Conference

Join and network with over 350 industry discovery biology and chemistry leaders at the renowned Drug Discovery Summit in Basel, where they address critical strategies in target identification, validation and HIT optimisation of small and large molecule drugs. The Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry focused event also offer insightful innovations in Automation And Synthesis In Organic Chemistry as well as Molecular Drug Design.

Meet us Booth #29 to discuss the following:

Our mission is to generate novel molecular insights that transform drug development and healthcare globally.

We deliver highly accurate, fully quantitative, and definitive targeted biomarker analysis to accelerate the development of life-changing treatments.

Generating Insights that Matter through LC-MS-based Proteomics

  • LC-MS workflows provide clinical grade measurement and absolute quantification down to pg/mL of proteins that are required for regulatory submission

  • Ability to identify multiple epitopes (peptides) per protein to achieve high confidence/high coverage data and insights into lipids, metabolites, and more to support multi-omic analysis

Validated, Versatile, & Adaptable Analysis with LC-MS Assays

  • Can be adapted to provide definitive data into post-translational modifications, other proteins, lipids, and metabolites

  • Suitable for almost any sample type, including blood plasma/serum, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, FFPE, or fresh frozen tissue.

Analytical Validation to Accelerate Clinical Trial Workflows

  • Following the FDA Bioanalytical Method Validation guidelines for data submission

  • CLIA, FDA inspected (US) and GCP/GLP (UK) certified labs

  • Our proprietary analytical algorithms, workflows, and internal standards provide the highest possible reproducibility and robustness across thousands of samples with a linear dynamic range over six orders of magnitude. 

Meet with our proteomics experts at Oxford Global's Discovery Europe 2024