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ALS Drug Discovery Summit

Conference Details
Date: May 21 – 23, 2024
Meet us at Booth #7
Location: Boston, MA

About the Conference

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay informed, engage with 150+ industry leaders, and shape the future of ALS drug development at the 3rd Annual ALS Drug Development Summit. Returning to Boston to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the latest motor neuron modelsbiomarker strategiesapproval insights, and novel approaches to target the likes of TDP-43, STMN2, and PIKfyve. Engage in forward-thinking discussions and gain fresh perspectives on the most meaningful endpoints and trial design considerations for people living with ALS.  

Meet us at Booth #7 to discuss the following:

Our mission is to generate novel molecular insights that transform drug development and healthcare globally.

We deliver multiplexed & quantitative LC-MS proteomics with end-to-end support.

Generating Insights that Matter through LC-MS-based Proteomics

  • LC-MS workflows provide clinical grade measurement and absolute quantification down to pg/mL of proteins that are required for regulatory submission

  • Ability to identify multiple epitopes (peptides) per protein to achieve high confidence/high coverage data and insights into lipids, metabolites, and more to support multi-omic analysis

Validated, Versatile, & Adaptable Analysis with LC-MS Assays

  • Can be adapted to provide definitive data into post-translational modifications, other proteins, lipids, and metabolites

  • Suitable for almost any sample type, including blood plasma/serum, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, FFPE, or fresh frozen tissue.

Analytical Validation to Accelerate Clinical Trial Workflows

  • Following the FDA Bioanalytical Method Validation guidelines for data submission

  • CLIA, FDA inspected (US) and GCP/GLP (UK) certified labs

  • Our proprietary analytical algorithms, workflows, and internal standards provide the highest possible reproducibility and robustness across thousands of samples with a linear dynamic range over six orders of magnitude. 

Meet with our proteomics experts at Hanson Wade's ALS Drug Development Summit