[WEBINAR] Accelerating Drug Development Pipelines: Validating a Novel Multiplex IP-MS Assay for Low-Level Neurodegenerative Markers

MAY 16th 11AM EST

About the Webinar


Inoviv is pleased to bring together leading drug developers and industry experts to discuss NeuroKey-3™, a recent advancement in disease-targeted LC-MS biomarker assays for coverage of key Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and Dementia markers in human plasma. The discussion will be led by Inoviv’s Commercial SVP, Ben Gonzales, and Chief Scientific Officer, Ernestas Sirka.
Current treatments for neurodegenerative diseases are restricted. The advancement of effective medicines, including efficacy assessment beyond traditional cognitive tests, heavily relies on an optimal biomarker strategy for disease identification, monitoring, and stratification. However, current assays are costly to develop and validate, with levels that do not meet regulatory submission criteria.
To address these challenges, Inoviv developed NeuroKey-3™, a proprietary fully quantitative multiplexed IP-MS assay that utilizes novel workflows, to provide unparalleled reproducibility, robustness, and sensitivity in human plasma to help support clinical trials.

During this webinar, our proteomics experts will:

  • Demonstrate how NeuroKey-3™ quantifies key neurodegeneration plasma biomarkers including neuroinflammation (IL-18), synaptic degeneration (NRGN), neurotrophic factor (BDNF), and more.

  • Discuss fully quantitative, multiplexed LC-MS biomarker analysis to support drug discovery and development.

  • Present case studies, describing how neurological therapeutic developers have harnessed NeuroKey-3™ to generate valuable molecular insights for their clinical programs.

[WEBINAR] Accelerating Drug Development Pipelines: Validating a Novel Multiplex IP-MS Assay for Low-Level Neurodegenerative Markers


Ben Gonzales, Senior Vice President, Commercial

Ben Gonzales, SVP Commercial at Inoviv, spearheads business development, marketing, and product strategy for the company’s fully validated, multiplexed, mass spectrometry-based proteomics assays. With over 20 years of leadership in biotech and pharma, Ben specializes in proteomics, having successfully developed and commercialized innovative technologies in diagnostics and R&D. Previously, he served as General Manager at Biognosys Inc., expanding US operations in support of mass spectrometry-based proteomics. Ben’s career also includes pivotal roles such as Product Manager at SomaLogic, where he contributed to the commercialization of cutting-edge technologies. His expertise drives Inoviv’s growth and leadership in proteomics solutions.

Ernestas Sirka, Chief Scientific Officer

Ernestas Sirka is a seasoned biochemistry expert and life sciences leader with extensive experience in clinical test development, distinguished by roles at Pfizer and UCL. Notably, he has pioneered the development of a unique targeted proteomics platform and multiple, patent-pending biomarker tests for drug development applications across several therapeutic areas. Ernestas’ pursuit of novel mass spectrometry applications has resulted in multiple academic accolades, including peer reviewed publications in Nature Medicine and the Lancet group of journals. As Chief Scientific Officer at Inoviv, Ernestas leads initiatives that push the boundaries of medical science, driving growth at Inoviv and innovation in the field to shape the future of drug development and healthcare.