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Assay Pipeline

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We Use A Novel Technology To Detect Biomarkers With Unrivalled Specificity And Throughput

Mass Spectrometry-based Targeted Proteomics

  • Offers unrivalled specificity where different protein isoforms or modifications can be distinguished

  • More powerful than genomics since it can accurately measure the ultimate products of gene expression, proteins, which are the effectors of biological function and control the workings of all cells

  • Robust analytical performance is maintained across different instruments, instrument vendors and different laboratories

Unique Algorithms and Workflows

  • We have developed entirely unique algorithms and mass spectrometry workflows for our targeted proteomics platform

  • This dramatically improves our throughput compared to other targeted proteomics platforms and other protein detection technologies

  • Our tests are designed to simultaneously measure 50+ fully calibrated biomarkers

  • Measuring this many molecules enables highly specific and sensitive biomarker tests, ideally suited to:​

    • identify and recruit a specific cohort of patients onto clinical trials

    • demonstrate drug efficacy across multiple aspects of disease pathology

    • identify patients who will respond to drugs in healthcare settings

How Mass Spectrometry Works

  • Mass spectrometry (MS) is an analytical technique which measures the mass-to-charge ratio (m/z) of a wide range of molecules

  • It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry to quantify small molecule drug candidates and is also becoming increasingly used to quantify large biomolecules (proteins, lipids, metabolites)

  • Unlike other types of mass spectrometry, our triple quadrupole systems allow targeted, high throughput and highly reproducible quantification which is ideally suited for clinical applications

  • Triple quadrupole mass spectrometry systems also allow for the development of multiplexed assays where hundreds of analytes can be quantified in a single assay

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Mass Spectrometry-based Targeted Proteomics Set-Up

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