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Definitive biomarker analysis with unrivalled specificity and throughput

Our Technology

We deliver highly accurate, fully quantitative and definitive targeted biomarker analysis to support every step of the drug development journey from discovery to clinical trials, together with expert analysis to help you understand and gain insights from the data.

We use highly sensitive triple quadrupole mass spectrometry to detect and quantify 50+ fully calibrated biomarkers multiplexed in a single run, with no labelling required.

Our proprietary analytical algorithms, workflows and internal standards provide the highest possible reproducibility and robustness across thousands of samples with a linear dynamic range over six orders of magnitude. 

We deliver absolute quantification down to ng/ml for our routine LC-MS workflow and low pg/ml following immunoprecipitation enrichment (IP-MS) for low-abundance biomarkers.

Measuring What Matters

Our custom and off-the-shelf panels cover a wide range of indications including neurology, rare diseases, oncology, infectious diseases, fibrosis, renal, inflammation, and cardiovascular disease.

We can quantify key proteins linked to neurodegeneration in blood plasma and CSF that reveal disease processes, including Total Tau, Neurogranin, BDNF, IL-18 and many more. And we have the world’s first comprehensive Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease targeted biomarker panels.

We provide highly accurate, fully quantitative and definitive data about proteins, post-translational modifications, lipids and metabolites in the same sample to support multi-omic analysis. And our technology can be applied to almost any sample type, including blood plasma/serum, cerebrospinal fluid, urine and FFPE or fresh frozen tissue.

We’re always pushing the frontiers of mass spectrometry, bringing in the latest technologies and instrumentation to deliver greater precision for our customers.

Assay Pipeline

Assay Pipeline (2000 × 768px) (1500 × 768px) (9).png
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