Leadership Team

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Michael Dove

Co-Founder & CEO

Michael has experience delivering crucial technology projects supporting clinical trials and regulatory reporting for GSK, Novartis and Merck. His expertise includes project management, customer relationship management, and managing teams. Michael has also supported corporates and start-ups bringing new technologies into healthcare settings to enable clinical decision making.

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Ernestas Sirka

Co-founder & CSO

Ernestas has over 6 years of experience in mass spectrometry through his previous positions at Pfizer and University College London (UCL). His expertise includes the development and clinical implementation of targeted protein and lipid biomarker tests, five of which are in routine use today. Ernestas has presented his research outputs at a number of international conferences and co-authored articles in peer reviewed journals, including Nature Medicine.


Advisory Board


Dr. Roman Fischer

Head of Discovery Proteomics at University of Oxford


Professor Adrian Harris

Cancer Research UK Professor of Medical Oncology at University of Oxford


Professor Michael Heneka

Director of Dept. Neurodegenerative Diseases & Gerontopsychiatry at University of Bonn


Jason Foster

Director of Health Equity Consulting
Former General Manager at Indivior
Former Marketing Director for Europe at Reckitt Benckiser


Our Chief Scientific Officer Ernestas Sirka Has 14 Publications Related To Biomarker Development

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