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Service Offerings

We work with pharmaceutical companies to develop biomarker tests supporting investigational and marketed therapeutics.

Our biomarker tests are targeted protein, lipid and metabolite assays designed for implementation into routine clinical testing.

Patient Identification & Stratification

Identify & stratify patients to optimise patient enrolment onto clinical trials

Treatment Efficacy Monitoring

Generate robust data demonstrating treatment efficacy to support clinical trials

Companion Diagnostics

Identify patients who will benefit from your therapeutic in healthcare settings

Routine Testing Process

1. Ship Samples to Inoviv Laboratory

  • Samples to be shipped on dry ice to Inoviv’s named laboratory in the US or UK with clinical labels.

  • 4 weeks’ notice needed prior to shipping batch of samples.

Closeup of a Petri Dish

2. Analyse Samples

  • Inoviv will perform mass spectrometry analysis in our named laboratory according to Inoviv’s designed protocols over a one week period.

  • We will then perform analysis of the raw data from the laboratory over the following week.

Pipetting Samples

3. Receive Reports

  • The report will contain results indicating the biomarker levels for each sample.

  • We will also share assay performance data such as coefficient of variation (%CV), lower limits of quantification (LLOQ), linearity and others.

  • Samples will be shipped back if required.

Data on a Touch Pad

Why Choose Inoviv?

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

We use a proprietary technology developed in-house enabling us to measure 50+ fully calibrated molecules per biofluid sample.

This enables us to develop bespoke tests specific to disease subtypes; ideal to support targeted therapies.

Our platform enables us to develop biomarker tests with very high reproducibility and specificity.

Test Tubes

We operate from CLIA-certified laboratories in the US and GLP/ GCP labs in the UK.

Our team includes experts from the pharmaceutical industry, clinical practice and academia.

We will work with you to adapt biomarker tests to your needs, depending on the stage of development and the mechanism of action of your therapeutic.

Pipetting Samples

10x higher throughput than other mass spectrometry platforms

We can analyse 3000 biofluid/ tissue samples per day.

We use our technology platform in combination with mass spectrometry-based targeted proteomics.

Our platform enables high throughput testing of multiplexed protein, peptide, lipid, and metabolite biomarker panels.

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