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At Inoviv, we bring years of technical know-how and expertise in mass spectrometry together with unique workflows and internal standards to deliver highly accurate, fully quantitative targeted biomarker assays for leading biopharma companies. 

Whether you want to create a custom selection or use one of our off-the-shelf targeted panels, our fast, friendly service is the trusted biomarker solution you’ve been looking for. We measure what matters, bringing you the rich, accurate and reliable data that counts.

Simply ship your samples to one of our labs in the US or UK and we’ll return a user-friendly report quantifying the biomarker levels in each sample. 

We also provide assay performance data such as coefficient of variation (%CV), lower limits of quantification (LLOQ), linearity and more, so you can have confidence in your data.

The Inoviv Advantage

Rich, reliable data

  • 50+ fully calibrated biomarkers multiplexed in a single run, with no cross-reactivity

  • Comprehensive off-the-shelf and custom panels for a wide range of diseases

  • Absolute quantification down to pg/ml for low abundance biomarkers

  • Analyse proteins, peptides, drugs, PTMs, lipids and metabolites

  • High reproducibility across thousands of samples with single digit % coefficient of variation

Fast, efficient service

  • 10x higher throughput than other mass spectrometry platforms

  • >3,000 samples per day

  • Suitable for most samples including blood plasma/serum, CSF, urine and tissue

  • CLIA, FDA inspected (US) and GCP/GLP (UK) certified labs

Support at every step

  • Years of technical know-how and expertise in mass spectrometry and biomarker analysis

  • Strategic advice on assembling the perfect biomarker panel for your needs

  • Efficient assay development and delivery

  • Expert bioinformatic analysis to help you understand and gain insights from your data and accelerate drug development pipelines

pick your panel

Pick Your Panel

At Inoviv we’re experts in developing and delivering custom quantitative biomarker panels for preclinical and clinical research. We’ve designed assays for hundreds of different proteins in various sample types down to pg/ml, as well as peptides, drugs, post-translational modifications, lipids and metabolites. 


So what’s on your wishlist? Let us know using the form below, and we’ll let you know what we can do to solve your biomarker challenge. If you’d prefer to keep it confidential, get in touch with our team and we can take things forward under a CDA.

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